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It was interesting coming across this story today on Raw Story about Sy Hersh’s mention of an “executive assassination ring” at a forum on Constitutional issues.  It is pretty well known that most of the covert operations carried out by the CIA during the Cold War are now being handled by SOCOM.  Hersh has maintained sources amongst the top brass at the Pentagon, and he has had some exclusive stories during the global war on terror.

I’m currently reading Dana Priest’s The Mission:  Waging War and Keeping Peace with America’s Military, which is to an extent a reflection on the issue of SOCOM’s increasing role in foreign affairs.  It’s an OK read, profiling some of the service chiefs and it has an interesting section on Obama’s new DNI, Adm. Dennis Blair, and his involvement in Indonesia in the 1990’s.

It will be interesting to see what will be leaked about Bush’s use of SOCOM during the global war on terror.  There have been plenty of reports of Operation Mongoose-like sabotage operations in Iran.


I read a great post by Emptywheel today regarding JSOC’s activities under the former Vice President.  It places the latest covert activities in Iran within the context of Cheney’s experiences during Iran-Contra, and shows that the neocons are essentially trying to elude oversight by moving covert action to JSOC.


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