testing testing

So, I initially did not want to take these forays into the personal on my blog, but I find myself here during the holidays waxing sentimental.  Besides, what are blogs for if not murky, quasi-Freudian  drivel.

My fall semester’s over.  Now I can start reading again.  I usually don’t have to stop, but this semester’s classes were overly tedious.  I had been on pace to read 60+ books this year until this Fall semester.  Now, it’s looking like I’ll barely break 50.  Things will be better when I’m at the university; I might actually get to read something for class I won’t be embarrassed to add to my librarything.  For now, it’s doin’ time with the glue-eaters.

And the holidays are here.  I can’t remember having been so excited about the holidays since I was young.  It will be so nice to have almost a week off of work, seeing family, being with baby.  We even got a real tree this year…a fir, at that.  I haggled with the guy at the tree lot and got it for barely half the tagged price.  We decorated it tonight with some ornaments I pilfered from my parents’ garage.  My mother had already decorated her house and she still had five or six very large boxes of Christmas decorations and ornaments.  About a third of the ornaments we found to our liking and the rest were either religious, tacky, or … tacky.  Niena the black cat, always  adept at understanding when something important is going on, made herself a spot right underneath the tree on our makeshift treeskirt, looking up through the branches and lights at us decorating.

I made the mistake of buying my gifts early this year.  I usually wait until the day before Christmas (literally), but this year I had most of my shopping done before December.  Which would have been a good thing if I’d had some practice at keeping gifts secret.  It is absolute torture for me to keep a gift under wraps for the whole month of December, especially if it’s for baby.  So, here I sit now, watching her play Fable on her new Xbox 360, looking at the few gifts left strewn under the tree.